MAX: Welcome to Unsettled, a new podcast featuring news and views on Israel-Palestine and the Jewish diaspora. We are here to provide a space for the difficult conversations and diverse viewpoints that are all too rare in institutional American Jewish communities.

ASAF: My name is Asaf.

EMILY: I'm Emily.

ILANA: My name is Ilana.

MAX: And I'm Max.

ASAF: Make sure to check out our first episode, interviewing Jewish activists who helped in May to build a Palestinian resistance camp in the West Bank.

EMILY: In future episodes, we’ll bring you interviews, conversations, and stories on topics like:

ILANA: Why our Hebrew School teachers lied to us

EMILY: How to talk to your family about the occupation

ILANA: Our favorite radical rabbis

MAX: WTF is indigeneity?

ASAF: Ashkenormativity

MAX: Intergenerational trauma

EMILY: Greenwashing

ILANA: Pinkwashing

MAX: And big tents.

ILANA: Full disclosure: Unsettled was started by members of the anti-occupation movement IfNotNow, but this podcast is not officially affiliated, and any opinion expressed here belongs only to the person expressing it.

ASAF: However, as members of IfNotNow, as Jews, and as human beings, we at Unsettled start from a foundational belief in freedom and dignity for all people. If you can get down with that, then this is the podcast for you.

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