A new podcast featuring news and views on Israel-Palestine and the Jewish diaspora.

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Unsettled is meant to provide a space, all too rare in institutional American Jewish communities, for difficult conversations and diverse viewpoints around Israel-Palestine and the Jewish diaspora.


Unsettled is produced by Emily Bell, Asaf Calderon, Yoshi Fields, Max Freedman, and Ilana Levinson.

Emily Bell is a journalist, photographer and activist raised in St. Louis and based in New York City. She spent the past year working on social media in independent media. A 2016 graduate from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, she made her own major in peace and conflict studies with a focus on post-Soviet states, and studied abroad in Prague and Accra. Emily has been organizing with IfNotNow since August 2016.


Asaf Calderon is an Israeli-American activist, born and raised in Tel Aviv. He graduated from Tel Aviv University, with a double major in history of the Middle East and African Studies. In Israel he was involved in the anti-occupation struggle, as well as the struggle for refugee and immigrant rights. Now based in New York, he immigrated to the US in 2016, and is working to end American support for the occupation as a member of Jewish Voice for Peace–NYC and IfNotNow.


Yoshi Fields is a radio journalist living in New York City. He recently graduated from Hampshire College where he studied ethnography and religion. Over the past decade, depending when you looked, you might have found him sitting in silence in Buddhist meditation, covered in mud harvesting carrots, or working as an advocate for Sudanese refugees seeking asylum in Israel. It was during an 8-month visit to Israel in 2010 that he became involved with anti-occupation work and has since worked to create spaces and opportunities for people to gain a deeper understanding of opposing narratives.


Max Freedman is a theater artist, teacher, and design strategist raised in Los Angeles and living in New York City. He works as a Senior Educator at the New-York Historical Society and a Joker with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and recently joined Pratt Institute as a visiting instructor in Art and Design Education. He holds an MS in Design and Urban Ecologies from Parsons School of Design and was a 2014-15 Rene Cassin Fellow. He is currently producing a documentary-style podcast series for Brooklyn Deep about public schools and gentrification in Central Brooklyn.


Ilana Levinson is a legal services provider and human rights activist with with experience handling and assisting public benefits employment justice cases. She has lived in Amman, Jerusalem, and Ramallah where she researched women's and environmental issues in the Middle East and worked with various community building and peace building organizations. Ilana has a BA in Middle East Studies and is currently living in Brooklyn, New York.